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The QS World University Law School Rankings use four components: academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper, and scholarly impact.

Developed in association with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, this certificate raises the quality of professionalism in counseling and follows a three-level, evidence-based approach to the critical issues that contribute to substance abuse.

Malan said that because it was so popular at Harvard, she and her team decided to open it at other schools as well.

“Within the first few days of putting the website up, we got thousands of responses,” Malan said.

Just last year, Seeking announced there was a 67 percent increase in UC Berkeley students signing up for its sugar-daddy-promoting website.

Single Sphere, on the other hand, is focused more on long-term relationships than finances.

“I think your social experience can be enriched and broadened if there are other ways to expand your social sphere.” But UC Berkeley isn’t the first school Single Sphere has targeted.

Malan started Single Sphere for Valentine’s Day this year, and it originally targeted current students and alumni from Harvard.

Changes to qualifying information or revisions of federal, state, or institutional policy may result in updates to aid eligibility and adjustments of financial aid awards.

Sharing these intimate thoughts may also backfire: What if they don't understand? That's why our team at created an app that allows you to input your sexual preferences before matching.

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Now, however, UC Berkeley students have Single Sphere, a free dating website specifically for UC Berkeley students and alumni — launched just about a week ago — created by Harvard University alumna Lauren Malan.

Students must submit their profiles and the profiles of their ideal matches to the website before March 24 in order for the “UC Berkeley Matchmaking Coalition” to set people up.

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