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Harlander said she drank a lot, and remembers the rest of the night in flashes.She told the Title IX investigator that Balakrishnan walked her home, that they kissed, and at some point, the two were both naked.This sexual conduct included attempted penetration of his penis in Complainant’s vagina and performing oral sex on Complainant with Respondent’s genitalia situated in Complainant’s face,” investigator Gay Lynn Conant, a consultant hired by UC Santa Cruz to investigate Balakrishnan’s case, wrote in a Sept.18 report to Interim Title IX Officer Cherie Scricca.Two former students who were present at the party and heard the story from Harlander the next day, or in the weeks following, confirmed details of the account to the university, according to the investigator’s report obtained by Buzz Feed News.Harlander’s mother also confirmed to investigators that her daughter had mentioned such an event.

The Title IX office also referred the complaints about drug use to a different university office for further review.

Flyers slipped under faculty doors, and signed “Undergraduate Students invested in the Humanities departments,” asked for a boycott of Balakrishnan and his work.

In the face of these anonymous accusations, some faculty expressed their support of Balakrishnan in an email thread.

Balakrishnan is still on paid leave until the administration determines what disciplinary action to take, according to investigation documents.

“Discipline can take many forms, ranging from a written warning, suspension, all the way to termination,” UC Santa Cruz spokesperson Scott Hernandez-Jason told Buzz Feed News by email.

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Glasscock, who was 18 at the time, said that Balakrishnan drove him home that night while drunk and high.