Uk blondes diy dating

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By analyzing data from over 145,000 of their male members (they have 800,000 in total), the site found that men who have brown hair average 10 dates per month, while blonde guys only have around three. After all, if Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling showed up on your doorstep, would you turn them away on account of their hair color? Just for fun, we conducted an informal poll to see if the women in our office agreed with the site's study.

For decades, we've been hearing that men prefer women with blonde hair.

And films, TV, and magazines haven't done anything to help knock down that theory.

What members really appreciate about our services is that we provide a safe and friendly environment, so that you can look for horny wives to fuck at your own leisure or convenience with no added pressure.

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These wives are really naughty as they are always up for anything, and we can tell you that by registering for our services your sex lives will change for complete, as once you become part of our massive like minded community you will gain instant access to thousands of profiles, which you can browse through as you search for horny housewives to fuck the living daylights out of pretty much whenever you like.

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