University faculty dating students

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University faculty dating students

The prohibited conduct in this section shall be considered misconduct subject to disciplinary action.

3.1 Improper Relationships with Students 3.1.1 A University employee shall not have or share educational responsibility for any student enrolled at NC State with whom the employee has an amorous or familial relationship.

Failure to adhere to an approved conflict management plan shall constitute a violation of this policy.

Violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

3.2 Employment Decisions A University employee shall not have or share authority for employment decisions for an employee with whom the individual has an amorous or familial relationship.

This policy addresses romantic relationships and/or sexual interactions that, although consensual, may create actual and perceived conflicts of interests, and create the possibility for exploitation or favoritism.

Except as expressly permitted herein, this policy prohibits consensual relationships between: The University recognizes that consenting individuals associated with the University should be free to enter into personal relationships of their choice.

The prohibited conduct in this policy applicable to familial relationships shall continue after the termination of the relationship (e.g.

divorce) until such time as there is no effect upon impartiality.

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Such disciplinary action shall be conducted in accordance with existing University policies and procedures Questions concerning this policy should be referred to the OIED, Employee Relations – Human Resources, or the Office of General Counsel.

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