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Question: I have a table with a CLOB column (XMLTYPE datatype) and I want to know the best way to do an insert into this large object column.

So the SQL insert basically inserts a record with new XML, and a SQL updated replaces the old XML.

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I am trying to switch from an Oracle 8i to DB2 database and I need to update the Java code to support the DB2 CLOB.

Here is a sample of the existing code that I am using to write and retrieve the CLOB in the ORACLE 8i database.

Answer: When dealing with large objects, where are relatively few tuning options other than using a large enough blocksize to ensure that the XMLTYPE column does not fragment onto multiple data blocks.However, I would like to try and keep this all within my insert statement if possible.The code above works just fine so long as v_query Answer: You may want to use a CLOB datatype for this.I have heard that will change to 32K characters in Oracle 12c, but that hasn't been released yet, and when it is, it will be some time before it is widely adopted.For this post, I am not concerned about storing strings that are many mega or gigabytes long - I am more interested in strings that are generally a few thousand characters up to about 32kb in size.

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There are really two options if you need to store strings longer than 4000 characters.