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I am attempting to replace the content of the internal file doc Props/using the Ck Zip Entry methods unzip To String and Replace String.This mostly works flawlessly, but ever once in a while some users receive an error message and it tends to repeat several times.This is the function and it does not use locking for accessing the shared resource.And here is the main part of the program to create and start multiple threads to run the function above. To use this for variable length records, it is usually necessary to get the record length first.

A thread must acquire the lock before accessing a shared resource. Read Bytes(Rec Size) 'No positionng required ' Process the B array Loop '... The processing for that type of file would involve reading a byte at a time, assembling the byte array, until the Eo R marker is detected. Close() The other possibility is that the records are separated by a record marker.A byte array would actually be preferable to a string if the fixed length string of 28 characters is actually a sequence of 28 bytes that happen to represent ASCII characters – the byte array avoids any issues of encoding and multi-byte characters. Dim Model As String Dim QIS As Double Dim QOO As Double reader.

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Let us examine how this works with regard to reading and writing a file from multiple threads.

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