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Updating apple hard disk drivers lockup

Even so, some users are reporting that many third-party Bluetooth devices are unable to connect to their Macs, or aren’t seen by their Macs.This is an easy one to fix, and only requires the removal of the Bluetooth plist file your Mac maintains.Some of these parts might have been a bit cheaper on Amazon since it was Cyber Monday.Update June 7, 2019: OWC nows sells complete kits on Amazon which have everything you need including SSD Hard Drives.At the time of this writing, there’s no fix available for the issue that always works.But I can list a few things that some people have reported as a cure, although just as many said the cure didn’t help them.Since there’s no official fix, this, then, is a best shot approach: The SMS error appears to be very erratic, with many people not experiencing the problem at all, yet there’s more than a handful of users who have reported the issue.

The cause is Mojave disabling sub-pixel antialiasing, an older font rendering technique that helped fonts appear smoother and less jagged on most displays.At the bottom of the General preference pane, make sure there’s a checkmark in the “Use LCD font smoothing when available” box.(It may say “Use font smoothing when available,” depending on the type of display you’re using.) Bluetooth Devices Not Connecting to Your Mac There was a Bluetooth issue during the beta phase of mac OS Mojave development, but it was believed to have been fixed in the release version of Mojave.You still open it up, but the process it a bit more involved as there are no screws to gain access inside.You need to separate the screen from the main chassis. There are several detailed You Tube videos that show you how to do this; I used the following one from OWC and watched it a few times to get familiar with the “surgery”.

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No matter what the actual sequence of events is needed to disable sub-pixel font rendering, you can turn the feature back on with this simple two-step process: Launch System Preferences by clicking or tapping the System Preferences icon in the Dock, or selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu.