Updating artwork on ipod updating multiple select with ajax

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Updating artwork on ipod

On Windows, it should be in Users\[Your Username]\Music\i Tunes\. (2) Find the i Tunes file and drag and drop it over onto your desktop.

The information is all right there on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch!

(4) Find an older i Tunes library, preferably the one made before you updated.

It will have a name like “i Tunes Library [date in YYYY-MM-DD format].” (5) Select the file and copy it. Did you know that there’s another way to do this, though?

We’ve covered various troubleshooting steps for i Tunes refusing to sync with i OS devices and while those may very well resolve your issues with i Tunes, the steps outlined below seem to work to give i Tunes 12 a kick in the pants when syncing gets stuck and fails to complete with an i OS 8 device, just a bunch of empty track names sync over, or when the i Tunes app just basically freezes during a syncing attempt and refuses to do much of anything.

This should resolve syncing problems with both wi-fi syncing and USB cable syncing.

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i Tunes 12 in particular appears to have some annoying issues with syncing that causes a sync and media transfer to get stuck on a step and never complete, sometimes just filling up your device with music and song names that can’t actually play.

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