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Updating assemblyinfo

Once we have the string array we find the line which matches our tag of Assembly Version.

Once we find this tag we grab the version, split it apart and increment the last part.

Team City has a build feature called Assembly Info patcher that makes setting assembly version easy... NET project because it works by updating Assembly Info files.

Content of such files is used to create version information that .

Now it’s time for something more mundane ;) In this post I will show you how to create Team City build that automatically sets version information in all assemblies produced by ASP. It's nothing new but I hope to give you some useful background info and note a few gotchas you may face...

Sample solution is available for download here https://github.com/mchudinov/Versioning.Let’s call this file – Add a target to the build file that will change version number MSBuild Extension has a special set of targets to manipulate with assemblies info – Assembly Info.Here is a target that will set Assembly Version and Assembly File Version according to the four-numbers pattern: ... – Run this target before sources are compiled Here is an example file that has 4 basic steps: clean solution, restore packages, then do versioning, and at last build application step.Script is compatible with both MSBuild and xbuild and can be build on Windows and Linux using both . Read more about restoring packages and other build steps in my post about building and testing.msbuild d:\projects\C#\Mono\Versioning\j Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 4.0.30319.18408 [Microsoft . Project "d:\projects\C#\Mono\Versioning\Build.proj" on node 1 (default targets). rd /s /q "Versioning/bin" Removing directory "Versioning/obj".

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Now, I am sure there are other ways, better ways to do this but this works for our team.

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