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Updating calendar share in outlook

If your Office 365 Calendar contains more than one calendar—different schedules that you can use for different purposes—you’ll need to choose the calendar into which you import your events. All the data from your Google Calendar will be integrated into your Office 365 Calendar.

While this method is relatively straightforward and can be done by anyone, even people who haven’t paid for Outlook, it has its limitations.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through all of the Office 365 Calendar’s functions.

We’ll start with the free versions then we’ll play with some of the more advanced settings in the version of calendar that comes with the subscription-based Office 365.

You can only import a calendar into the paid version of Outlook, using the Import function. If you have a paid version of Outlook, with its embedded calendar, this is what you do: First, open Google Calendar and click the cog icon in the top right corner. Select “Import an i Calendar (.ics) or v Calendar file (.vcs)”.

That’s not great usability and it probably restricts the growth of the calendar.

It means that you can’t use the Office 365 Calendar without also using Microsoft’s Outlook email app. So if you prefer Gmail’s email platform but like the feel of Office 365 calendar, you’re out of luck—at least on your mobile device.

It was never very friendly or particularly convenient but at a time when the best advice on technical knowhow came from an animated paper clip, the system worked—more or less.

The rise of competition from Google Calendar, Apple i Cal, Yahoo Calendar and other companies has given businesses and individuals the opportunity to use different platforms to manage their time and their messages.

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Enter your Apple account details into your i Phone and when you press the calendar app, you’ll be ready to go.