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Thanks for all the suggestions BOB, i've covered all of that and still it defaults to the number '1' in the dropdown.The only TV's being used is for a MIGX slider.To increase transparency and public access, the House provides the media with a variety of services from updating congressional proceedings information to maintaining temporary work areas for reporters.Facilitates electronic media coverage of the House of Representatives.Serves members of Congress, magazine, newsletter, non-daily newspaper and online reporters as a press release distribution point, information source and work area.

Also, look in the database and see if the the modx_media_sources table has a 'name' field.

The only time the drop down does default to the Media directory is when there's an image TV that's assigned to my media source.

The image selection within the RTE still defaults to '1'. Since you've eliminated that other possibilities, have you tried looking at the page with your browser in incognito or private mode?

It's unlikely, but it could be a browser cache or cookie issue.

Also, I'm sure you've done this, but in case not, make sure all the Media Sources have something in the ' Name' field.

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The Radio-Television Gallery provides facilities, information and services to broadcasters and members of Congress.

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