Updating firmware on router

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Most people are unaware that you can update your router without going to the store and buying a new one.

To keep up with the growing computer world a router will become obsolete rather quickly without occasional firmware updates.

Please find out the correct hardware version and read the important note before the upgrade.

2) Do NOT upgrade the firmware via wireless connection 3) Do NOT turn off the power or cut down the Ethernet cable during upgrade process 4)Please pay attention to the Notes of the firmware you downloaded.

Step 1 Download the latest firmware version for your device.

Go to download center for your Region on the TP-Link website.

As should be mentioned on the firmware upgrade page it is important that the firmware upgrade is not interrupted, interrupting any firmware update will prevent that device from working.

Software is normally referred to as add-ons such as programs you run on your electronic device.

It also can't be removed like you can with software.

Don't update your firmware unless you think it is necessary.

We recommend that you use an Ethernet connection from your computer to the router.

If you are using a laptop, make sure that it has sufficient power to complete the process.

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