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You’ll have to choose depending on your project or presentation, what suits your theme and what message you’d like to convey.Different fonts portray different personalities which are appropriate in various situations.After saving the presentation, I uninstalled the Aachen font, then reopened the presentation and got this: You can see that the text at upper left looks nothing like the image at upper right.Sometimes the substitution is less obvious, but in most cases, a quick look at the overlaid image fonted text at the center bottom of the slide would make substitutions apparent.If you suspect that text display problems are caused by a missing font, do this: First, save your presentation as a PDF: Here you see a list of the fonts that Power Point has sent to the PDF. This font isn't part of the original presentation, but Windows chose it instead of the missing AAchen.Here you see that the PDF uses Bauhaus, Arial and Calibri, which are the fonts used for the text at lower left of the original slide. The font substitutions I see on my computer won't necessarily be the same as the ones you see on yours or your clients' computers, but at least by saving and examining a PDF made from a presentation, you can tell that font substitutions are happening.Or since the image always will have the same file path, but will be replaced with a different image, can I somehow "Update" the image on the slide? This is the VBA I tried: I could also get the path of the image on the computer, not the server. PS: If anyone's interested, the plugin is called Signature Pad.When I run the macro, I get a "file not found" error. #If Mac Then image Path = (Mac Script("get path to startup disk as string") & "Users:name: Desktop: Some Folder: My_Picture.png") #Else image Path = "C:\path\to\My_Picture.png" #End If active Slide.

If you suspect that your font problems are due to missing/substituted fonts, scroll to the correct section for your version of Power Point: Tracking down font substitutions in PPT 2007 and later isn't as simple as it used to be.I have a j Query plugin that lets someone use a stylus and it saves the 'drawing' as an image on the local server.My question is, how can I insert the image into Power Point using a VBA Macro?Jokerman are exciting, extravagant but also immature and sometimes tacky.But hold your horses, these are pretty familiar, standard fonts.

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Old style serif fonts feel formal and professional while sans-serif fonts feel modern and clean.

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