Updating iphone with itunes

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Updating iphone with itunes

The i Tunes Error 9 is not very common, unlike the other i Tunes Error such as 4014 or 3194.

However, this error is experienced by many users too so do not get frustrated when you encounter this problem. Error 9 usually prompts when trying to update the firmware.

If you want to keep i Tunes from checking for the same i OS update you just stopped, you need to ignore the update.

Your firewall might be blocking the connection to websites like i Tunes trying to connect to Apple servers (software issue).

Simply disconnect your cable from your current USB port and plug it in to a different port.

You might be surprised of how it can solve your problem during your update.

Once the update is installing itself, you need to let it finish because trying to intervene mid-update is a recipe for making the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch useless and require a full restore.

Some versions of i OS can be downgraded after the fact, so that would be the next approach if you accidentally installed an update you didn’t want, you can learn more about downgrading system software here.

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When you connect an i Phone or i Pad to a computer with i Tunes and an i OS software update is available, you will be notified with a pop-up that tells you a new version of i OS is available and asks if you want to update to the new version of i OS system software.

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