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Please be sure that i Tunes has been already installed on your computer for running Syncios properly. After your i OS device was connected with computer, this program will detect it immediately. Export music from your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod to the computer.

Go to My Device module, click Media on the left panel and highlight Music icon on the right column, choose the music you need and hit Export Button.

Situations including, i Tunes cannot read contacts of i Phone, i OS device is not recognized in i Tunes, i Tunes sync session failed to start, or i Tunes stop working, even it remind you i Tunes update error 45/50/53/54/9006/9808, etc.

Keep software up to date is really important for technical fans.

For Apple users, i Tunes also worth you take some time to maintain, Tenorshare Tunes Care is exactly what you need, to better care about your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch and don't forget i Tunes.

Please make sure that there is no anything new in the current library compared to the previous one, or you may lost them forever.

But when you skip this, you may then need to follow the steps.

Manually update i Tunes can be quite common and easy to operate, however, users will also meet with the situation that they cannot update i Tunes on their PC/Mac normally.

If you have used an i Tunes will then re-add all the files you already have to you library. Rather, it will re-scan each file and will alter the metadata for the existing entries in your library.

This process can take a very long time – when I last did it I had to re-start the process multiple times for it to eventually complete.

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My collection is large enough that I’ve split /Music/mp3/ into 27 subfolders, 0-9, A, B, C, D … Each new rip goes in the appropriate Alpha Num folder and that way Bruno Mars gets filed with the M artists even though I’ve tagged all the tracks Bruno Mars–keeping Picard, Music Brainz, and CDDB happy.