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Updating multiple rows without cursor

While the cursor is open, a table cannot be accessed or updated by the other users. Therefore, cursors can be avoided wherever they can by the set based operations.In this article, we will see how cursors process data and look at how and when we can replace cursors with JOINS.To put the results we've calculated into the table we can replace our simple PRINT statement with an UPDATE statement.To make sure the correct values are added to the correct records we use the WHERE CURRENT OF statement to check the current position of our cursor.This trigger checks new items for this as they are added and lets us know if they are not. I need a trigger that will recurse up a tree stored in a table looking for circular references.I think this requires a WHILE loop in order to check every row inserted or updated.

I have an update trigger on the table I'm updating and when I run my update I get the "Subquery returned more than 1 value." message referencing the trigger. In our company, bought-out items are supposed to have Traceable Type = 'T', except if they have Item Class = 'C2'.

The dep_id column of employee table will hold values from the id table of the department table, with a one too many relations between the department and employee tables.

Remember this is not a perfectly normalized data table as we just want some data to execute example queries on.

Relational database management systems including SQL Server are very good at processing data in sets.

However, if you want to process data on row-by-row basis rather than in sets, cursors are your only choice.

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