Updating navigation bar

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Updating navigation bar

Google only replaced the Recent Apps button with a gesture, and Home and Back were still buttons. The navigation bar has been minimized to a slim strip about a third of the height of the usual bar.The bar didn't save any space, so there wasn't a huge benefit to using it. Some apps will even give you a fully transparent gesture navigation area.Google I/O 2019 wrapped up on May 9th, but we're still picking through the incredible flood of information that came out of the show.In addition to the slew of announcements on keynote day, there are dozens of hours of sessions and documentation, plus a whole new Android release to pick though. Every Google I/O presents a new release of Android, and paired with Google I/O 2019 is Android Q Beta 3.

In Android P, the "two-button" gesture navigation was a bit of a mess.

The fully gestural navigation system covers "Home," "Recent Apps," and "Back," but the Android system bar contained more than just these three buttons at times.

When you opened a keyboard, the back button would change to point down, indicating that instead of going back, the button would just close the keyboard.

Again, it's very i Phone-like, and a big improvement from the gesture system in Android P.

The one non-i Phone gesture is really weird: a swipe up, diagonally, from the corner of the display, will open the Google Assistant. There are a few strange edge-cases with the gesture system currently.

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I think the best solution is to try to not use a navigation drawer, which has been derided in the past as being a dumping ground for navigation with poor discoverability.

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