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Updating nintendo wii browser

Updates are optional to each console owner, but may be required in order to retain interoperability with Nintendo's online services.Each update is cumulative, including all changes from previous updates.So if you have followed Digiex's Wii U Permanent Homebrew Channel / Launcher Exploit Tutorial [Haxchi 2.0 Wii U Hack] and installed the Homebrew Channel to a DS this should still work fine, as should all your homebrew.

It also displays various information such as date and time, the wireless signal status, controller battery life and controller settings.However I would still suggest not updating, as you gain nothing and lose the only way to ever install the Homebrew Launcher in the unlikely event you mess something up at a later date.If you followed the tutorial linked to above you should have already blocked your Wii U from auto updating, if not then follow this guide here to block Wii U System Updates if you care about Homebrew and Hacks.It is a graphical shell similar to the Wii's "Wii Menu" and Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu.It allows launching software stored on Wii U optical discs, applications installed in the internal memory or an external storage device, or Wii titles through the system's "Wii Mode".

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