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However, I think the AMI instructions are not very clear for typical home computer users.

This tutorial aims to make the process as clear as possible for you.

Usually, a motherboard or computer manufacturer will tell you if an update for your system is required.

Additionally, if you have a greater knowledge of your PC and want to modify your BIOS to achieve a specific goal, consider making an inquiry in our Forum.

There are a few things to do first before updating your computer's BIOS.

Please contact your supplier or our distributors/resellers for further remedy in case system crashes unfortunately because of BIOS flash failure.During the system post tap the F11 key (or the key your board manufacturer specifies to get into Boot Menu)Note: The key used to access the Boot Menu may vary.Some commonly used Boot Menu keys are F2, F10, F11, and ESCYou should now see a Boot Menu similar to the picture below:3.You should really update your computer's BIOS when a newer version is released.This is easier to do these days (20 years ago it was a nightmare! AMI and other computer manufacturers provide free which update your BIOS for you when you run the program (more on this later).

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