Updating sql 2016

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It is not recommended to keep AD FS in a mixed mode state for an extended period of time, as leaving AD FS in a mixed mode state may cause issues with the farm.The following document will describe how to upgrade your AD FS Windows Server 2012 R2 farm to AD FS in Windows Server 2016 when you are using a SQL Server for the AD FS database.When you launch it, you will see a "What's New" screen: USE master; GO CREATE DATABASE Upgrade Nightmare; GO style="border:thin black solid" alt ER DATABASE Upgrade Nightmare SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = 100; GO USE Upgrade Nightmare; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Bad Table ( x INT PRIMARY KEY, y NTEXT, ts TIMESTAMP ); GO CREATE INDEX ix1 ON dbo. Bad Procedure;1 @x IMAGE AS BEGIN SET ANSI_NULLS OFF; SELECT name FROM syscolumns; EXEC sp_addtype N'EMail', N'nvarchar(320)'; END GO CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.

A Windows Server 2016 AD FS server can be added to a Windows Server 2012 R2 farm and it will operate at the same FBL as a Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Note Only begin an upgrade with a definitive time frame planned for completion.

Worse Procedure AS BEGIN SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL OFF; SELECT 'string alias' = 1; DROP INDEX dbo.

Bad Table.ix1; END GO Then you'll select your instance - and there's a handy MRU list here, so it will remember previous connections.

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