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After you have the certificate imported into the ADFS Servers “Personal Store” then you need to make sure that you assign the appropriate permissions to the certificate.Specifically, you need to assign full control to the ADFS service account.I used the MMC console to see the certificate store on my ADFS server to export the PFX with the private key (make sure you do that!) so that I could import that key over on my WAP server.Basically, just walk through the wizard setup for the WAP again and then select the certificate we’ve been talking about from the list when the setup asks you. You can try the Power Shell commands here – hopefully they work for you: Set-Web Application Proxy Ssl Certificate -Thumbprint thumbprint (the thumbprint is the same as the one we used above so you should be able to just copy and paste.If you want to get it again you can issue the GET instead of the SET to see the thumbprints for the certs) You’ll need to restart the service on the WAP: Restart-Service adfssrv Good luck – hope that gets you going!

Now you need to open Power Shell to run a few commands. Make a note of the thumbprint of the new certificate.If you already have published web applications those won’t go away.When you reinstall the WAP feature you’ll see your list of published apps show back up.Once you have that PFX just copy it over to the WAP and click on it – make sure that you import it into the PERSONAL STORE.You can then open the MMC console to see the certificates there and make sure that it has been imported properly to the WAP.

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Normally the SSL certificate for the AD FS farm comes from a trusted third-party CA, like Digi Cert or Verisign.

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