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While we can rule out interstellar pressure as the major contributing factor, we are unable to disentangle the relative effects of metallicity and H velocity dispersion.

We find a reasonably featureless number density profile with galactocentric radius, and weak correlations between galactocentric radius and dust temperature/mass.

Fabry–Perot interferometry has been used to map its Hα distribution and kinematics at unprecedented angular resolution (≲3 arcsec) and resolving power (∼12 600), with the 1.6 m telescope at the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic.In the optical bands, it could be considered as a flocculent spiral galaxy, but UV and IR observations show more prominent arms. The optical parameters of M33 are given in Table 1. It is the mean distance estimated by using resolved sources techniques such as Cepheids, Planetary Nebulae Luminosity Function (PNLF) and Tip of the Red Giant Branch (TRGB). Still today, the cusp–core problem remains as one compares observations to predictions, especially for dwarf systems and this, despite the numerous studies on the DM distribution in galaxies in the last 30 years.The M33 profile presents a small bulge-like component in the IR bands. The optical disc of M33 has a scalelength of ∼9.2 arcmin (2.25 kpc) in the References: (1) Mc Connachie et al. (2008), (3) Galleti, Bellazzini & Ferraro (2004), (4) Magrini et al. While, on large scales, -body cosmological simulations reproduce well the observations, it is more problematic at galaxy scales.The Hα rotation curve agrees very well with the H , which is at the low end of velocity dispersions of nearby star-forming galactic discs.A strong relation is also found between the Hα velocity dispersion and the Hα intensity.

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Although two main arms are well known, M33 has not a clearly defined grand-design pattern. This suggests recent star formation activity, possibly due to recent interactions.

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