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Posted by / 01-Jan-2021 21:44

Updating vista hosts file

Unfortunately with UAC (User Account Control) enabled the “mvps.bat” is not permitted to update the HOSTS file.

This is due to the restrictions imposed by UAC in that no “batch” files are allowed to access/change a System file.

For now the only work-around is to turn off UAC (requires reboot) then run the “mvps.bat”, then enable UAC again.

Alternately you can do it manually (without turning off UAC) …

Because changes are seen immediately, you might be seeing another DNS cache in your application.

Each entry should be kept on an individual line.# The IP address should be placed in the first column followed by the# corresponding computername.

The address and the computername# should be separated by at least one space or tab.

# # For example: # # 1.97 com # source server # .10 com # x client host localhost ::1 localhost Hey guys, heres a better way.

Create a new short cut pointing to: C:\Windows\System32\C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Open the properties and click the Advanced button on the Shortcut tab and select Run As Administrator.

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