Updating war file with ant

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Updating war file with ant

In our example, we have a simple target to provide an informational message to the user. For example, a deploy target may have a dependency on the package target, the package target may have a dependency on the compile target and so forth.Dependencies are denoted using the depends attribute.

It is highly recommended that the properties are annotated with proper comments. The following example shows a file and its associated build.properties file: In the above example, sitename is a custom property which is mapped to the website name.

However, as you may have imagined, it would be useful if Ant allowed declaring variables such as project name, project source directory, etc.

Ant uses the property element which allows you to specify properties.

However, for a large project, it makes sense to store the properties in a separate property file.

Storing the properties in a separate file offers the following benefits: There is no hard and fast rule, but typically the property file is named build.properties and is placed along-side the file.

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On an average, a developer spends a substantial amount of time doing mundane tasks like build and deployment that include: Apache Ant Ant is distributed under the Apache Software License, a fully-fledged open source license certified by the open source initiative.