Updating wow account

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Updating wow account

There is also a config option to invert this behavior.You can view additional details when hovering over Mythic Keystone items, such as: command.

Add-on is a great idea and a very good work, people relying only on it not that much. :p ) Would there happen to be a way to make the tooltip window smaller?

I have a small monitor and every time I hover over someone, or they run by my cursor, a window pops open, like a tooltip (temporary) and takes up almost half the side of my screen. The core addon did get updated, but each update to the regional components is resetting them back to "80100".

While it might be "first world problems", manually updating each component feels like something that ought to be avoided. If you could figure out some way to update the TOCs at once, that'd save trouble in the future.

Semi-transparent role icons indicate they have earned at least 40% of their overall score in that role.

You can view your personal M and Raid Progress profile when you open the Dungeon Finder.

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This will be shown as a large tooltip alongside the Dungeon Finder frame with additional details about your per-dungeon performance.

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