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It is not meant to be an exhaustive presentation of all options that are available to x CAT/AIX system administrators.Since you cannot modify a SPOT while a node is using it, you have basically two options.You must also provide a name for the image you wish to create.This name will be used for the NIM SPOT resource definition as well as the x CAT osimage definition.For LL updates, no LL license rpm will be updated and customers will not need to accept the license a second time.Currently, the x CAT HPC integration does not support Load Leveler upgrades until a fix becomes available.When you run the command you must provide a source for the installable images.This can be the location of the source code or the name of another NIM lpp_source resource.

You cannot install software on a running diskless node directly.

If you only wish to do one or two of those options, or run the operations in a different order, specify the correct flags to the updatenode command. Use this method for updating your HPC software if you are confident that you are applying stable updates that you wish to commit to your existing compute node image and you have a scheduled maintenance window for your cluster.

You can use this approach for all diskless nodes, either stateless or statelite, Linux or AIX.

Use this method for updating your HPC software if you are confident that you are applying stable, minor updates that will not impact an active cluster.

You can use updatenode to apply software to Linux stateless nodes that have the operating system fully loaded into memory, and for all stateful nodes that have the operating system installed on a writeable disk.

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In this case we create a new x CAT osimage definition with a new set of resources by running the x CAT mknimimage command with the source for the new resources.

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