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Arie was confused and heatbroken, thinking he was certainly going to win Emily's heart.

On September 7, 2017 he was revealed to be the next Bachelor for Season 22 on Good Morning America.

We kind of talked off and on just through Instagram, but I landed a job in Scottsdale after graduating [Miami University in Ohio]," she explains.

"I flew out to search for apartments, so I messaged Arie and I told him that I would be in the area and he asked me out on our first date.""We hit it off right away and started dating as soon as I moved here," she adds.

On January 5, 2019, they announced that they are expecting a girl.

On May 29, 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Alessi Ren.

"To my knowledge, the relationship was monogamous."The blond beauty tells ET she and Luyendyk Jr.

went on their first date in July 2016, and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary by going back to the restaurant where they first met: Chelsea's Kitchen.

The 26-year-old receptionist exclusively opened up to ET’s Katie Krause about her more than one-year relationship with 35-year-old Luyendyk Jr., their emotional breakup and the shocking casting news.

According to Giustina, Arie’s history of dating then ditching women is reason enough to believe that he may not walk down the aisle with Lauren—even though the salt-and-pepper-haired real estate agent proposed to the 26-year-old on national television.

“I think Arie will end up backing out of their relationship,” Giustina said. The only chance she has of marrying him is if they film it.” We’ll be watching to see how this one ends, Arie.

The official Bachelor Twitter Page narrowed down possibilities for who the Bachelor might be before finally posting the tweet "Bachelor Nation, start your engines!

We are proud to announce the next Bachelor will [email protected]!

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