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The research work or engineering involvement within the scope of any international project at CERN implies its return and knowledge transfer or at least it’s main parts of activities to home institutions of a member state.This is one of CERN’s main missions and which we physicists, for example, have been using in physics for a long time; By the end of 2018, there were between 75 and 80 users registered at CERN from Serbia.For example, postgraduates remain connected to our universities and scientific institutions where they are employed, while the opportunity is simultaneously created for them to continue their studies or research at CERN, which represents the top research place in the world, and within the environment that they can consider as their own where high-level conditions exist, and where, accordingly, they can plan their research future over a longer period; The most advanced experimental equipment available at CERN, state-of-the-art technology and applied methods, as well as the experience gained while working with top-level experts, will be transferred faster to our region.There is no better and more efficient investment than one, which quickly returns to our own environment.Besides smaller groups of researchers scattered within different projects, currently there are four main and rather homogeneous Serbian research teams (the total of about 40 users) actively involved in CERN international projects Our citizens have the right to apply equally with colleagues from other member states for funds from the CERN budget.The well-known CERN Summer School for undergraduate and graduate students, the prestigious CERN scholarships for one or more years, then-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, as well as various forms of financial support for specialisation at CERN, represent perhaps the greatest benefits for our researchers.

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We expect that our country would feel more benefits of the CERN membership even with the somewhat better and more organised approach of our business sector.

To conclude, and taking into account some cases of other countries, and on the basis of some of the personal experiences to date, I would dare to say that the CERN membership could help Serbia advance in many segments.

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What does offer to its members and what is the significance of its membership?

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