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Validating form behavior

Nothing happens other than adding warning messages to incorrect fields in the contact form editor screen.

Only logged-in users who are allowed to edit contact forms will see those messages. The validation doesn’t affect behavior of a contact form at all, even if it detects configuration errors. Whether a contact form works depends largely on the environment (your host, relaying mail servers, mailer application, etc.).

Mail service providers apply stricter rules year by year to protect users from mail abuses like spam and spoofing.

In the meantime, we have seen an increasing number of troubling reports about mail delivery, and found that there are incorrectly configured contact forms behind that.

Several of the error messages may appear depending on what you select or omit in the form.

The Check Form Behavior can be found in the right side panel in Dreamweaver, and can be accessed from the Behaviors Panel | Add Behavior | Yaromat | Check Form. In Dreamweaver highlight to select the entire in the left drop-down menu.

It’s no surprise even if the same contact form doesn’t work in a different environment.

How do you know that your host won’t change their mail delivery policy tomorrow morning? For example, if a mail had “” in the From field, but was actually sent from your web server (it’s not, it would be highly possible that relaying mail servers consider it as a spoofed address.

If you receive errors, you should assume there are hidden risks, even if you saw a form submission test once passed. If you use an email address in the same domain as the site, you can reduce the risk of being treated like that.

You can still reply to the submitter by setting the Reply-To mail header field.

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This simplifies the effect removal process, since there is no compile-time access to the type information for a platform-specific effect.

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