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Validating identiy

The law claims to recognize the need to protect children.

Western societies talk a lot about protecting rights and human dignity.

The yeshivah where I was studying had been alerted to their plight and we were encouraged to visit the village in support of the children. Incidentally this was the beginning of my distaste for religious party politics.

But nothing could better illustrate the cultural imperialism of doctrinaire socialism.

But this problem of cultural identity is now much wider.

It threatens to undermine European society and create tensions that could well destroy it.

They fail to see the damage they often cause by pursuing human rights as they define them without considering cultural and religious identities.They were expected to play down Jewish identity in public. In 1958, after the religious quota had been filled, a boat arrived from Morocco with religious children.They were packed off to a secular Youth Aliyah center near Haifa. Some were crying because they were denied all religious services and the staff were constantly upbraiding and teasing them for being old fashioned. The Religious Parties had to stand by their agreement.This meant that a Muslim child from Bangladesh would be placed with a Black Christian from Jamaica rather than a white Muslim from the UK. Multiculturalism (however one defines it) had not yet become the buzzword.Indeed, courts in the UK have defined Judaism as a racial minority rather than a religious one.

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