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For example, if an element is defined twice in a DTD, a warning is generated.It is not illegal, and it does not cause problems, but it is something you might like to know about because it might not have been intentional.

The following code handles the start-document and end-document events: method is invoked, to get the names and counts of the elements contained in the hash table, and print out a message onscreen to tell the user how many incidences of each element were found.

The code handles that case by using the qualified name whenever the simple name is an empty string.

The JAXP SAX API also allows you to handle the characters that the parser delivers to your application, using the Parsers are not required to return any particular number of characters at one time.

The following code sets up the parser and gets it started: method defined in Setting Up I/O.

You could start using your parser now, but it is safer to implement some error handling.

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As shown in Document Events, the application's event handling methods throw can be constructed using a message, another exception, or both.

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