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Value not updating unbound ole object

I say create a new file so you can select the reference. I will take a wild guess that this will update the reference for all of the Objects in all of the records. I am leaning now on the fact that it is an issue with MS Office in the large scope of things.

If it does not, there should be a way to automate the process of updating each field's reference. Unless someone else has seen this and has another idea???

Perhaps the best approach for you is to make a copy of your table/DB and do the same thing I did. you can do this by placing a value in a field other than the OLE Object field or you can simply Right Click the OLE field (the one at the bottom of the table that would be the new record). I suppose if you chose the option to link to an existing file, Access will create a reference to the Default Program that opens that file type. When I got to the wizard to insert the object I got the same error.Is anyone aware of a fix or how I can resolve this issue? Try rebuilding the control and, when you do, reference the new version of Adobe software.Be sure to create copies before goofing around with stuff.I suppose the fact that you have an adp and SQL as a BE could be a contributing factor.However, this factor has not changed since the process used to function.

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Ok, well after reading another article I found it to say that the error is a result of the photo editor not being on the same computer. Upon trying to research the difference between the CC version and CS version I found the CC version was a cloud version.

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