Vampire diaries couple dating

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You know you're watching the Vampire Diaries when a boy starts to be haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, there are other vampires lurking around town with a nasty revenge plan and a thirst to kill.

We love us some drama, and you know that the Vampire Diaries always delivers on drama.

Elena isn't the only girl that two guys are after, because Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy, Elena's younger brother, are into the same girl during season one.

The Salvatore brothers' journey as vampires all started when they met Katherine (aka Katerina Petrova) and fell in love with her.

He keeps getting hurt time after time and getting into relationships that are doomed from the start.

The cute, popular cheerleader (or ex cheerleader, rather) and the new, mysterious bad boy (who happens to be really good at football)... Although Bonnie warns Elena that she feels weird about Stefan, he treats Elena like a true princess, even giving her a family heirloom as a gift.

Before meeting Stefan, Elena was devastated, alone, and lost.

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Although The Vampire Diaries ended over a year ago, it's one of those series we really don't get tired of.

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