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Varadmmessages in solaris not updating

(Status good.) Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.055E]emlxs0: NOTICE: 720: Link up.

(8Gb, fabric, initiator) # date Wed Jul 18 CEST 2012 # luxadm -e forcelip /dev/cfg/c2 # grep emlx /var/adm/messages [...] Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.0334]emlxs1: NOTICE: 710: Link down. id=67 fw=6) Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.0ECB]emlxs1: NOTICE:1520: Firmware download.

(DWC file: SLI3: old=2.00a3 new=2.01a4 Update.) Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.0151]emlxs0: NOTICE:1521: Firmware download complete.

Please comment if you can provide some more details about these errors. If you have the source code for the program, you can look at the file and line number where the assertion failed.

(To trigger an update, a manual HBA or link reset using luxadm, fcadm, or emlxadm is required.) So, we can clearly see the different firmwares known by the system depending on the type of the HBA.

In our case, we had an HBA of type LPe12000-S (seen in the same messages file, or from the output of the command Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.03DD]emlxs0: NOTICE: 710: Link down. id=35 fw=6) Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.111E]emlxs0: NOTICE:1520: Firmware download.

This is a multi part document , this part covers error messages starting from A to D A 1. assertion failed: variable, file variable, line N 8. This might give you an idea of how to run the program differently.

A command window has exited because its child exited. admintool: Received communication service error 4 3. automountd[N]: No network locking on variable: contact admin to install server change 9. This message results from a diagnostic macro called assert() that a programmer inserted into the specified line of a source file.

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