Weatherlink not updating wunderground

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Weatherlink not updating wunderground

If enabled, the rain words from the METAR will be removed, and the above words used based on the current rain rate.This setting specifies whether you have a Davis VP/Vue station.The data is loaded in a $WX[] array with the Weather Link tag names used as the key to access the data in the associative array.This setting specifies the cache lifetime in seconds for the Weather XML file that contains your current conditions.Data Access all of your raw sensor data at the click of a button.

The product - in my estimation - is over priced simply based on the components. Beats having a network cable running across the floor.Join the worldwide network of businesses, schools and hobbyists sharing their weather data with the world.Weather Link lets you see your personal Davis Instruments weather station data and local forecasts, as well as explore other stations from around the world.Enjoy 7-day and hourly forecast, rain, barometer, solar radiation and many more.Weather Link IP is plug-and-play there is no annual subscription to upload your data to the Weather Link Cloud and start enjoying viewing your current conditions anywhere & anytime.

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This setting specifies the filename of the Weather Link weather tags file.

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