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It’s been highly publicized that David Fincher is interested in taking over the reigns for the project. I think it goes without saying that as soon as Facebook supplanted Myspace as the de facto online time-wasting mechanism, the studios were looking for ways to profit off of it.

David, if you’re listening to me now, you can make this film. Writer: Aaron Sorkin (1st Draft) First of all, Sony’s a little late to the party. So they paid Aaron Sorkin 6.2 bajillion dollars to write “the Facebook movie”.

But it would be about computers and software and code and snobby rich kids. Which is exactly why Sony decided on Sorkin to tend the garden.

So back in the day I used to work for this producer.

Impressed by his creativity and speed, they want him to code their new website – an exclusive Harvard “Myspace-like” network. Over the next month, however, he starts dreaming up his own variation of the site: a social networking experience built on exclusivity. Someone could only know your personal details if they were friends with you (unlike Myspace which at the time let anybody know anything about anyone). He called it “The Facebook.” He and his best friend Eduardo come up with the plan – Mark is geek patrol and glues his fingers to the keyboard, Eduardo is business-central and plots the site’s future.

The coding wizard needs less than a month to build the site.

It’s a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy.Though he manages to piss off a number of faculty (and Harvard women), Mark earns some ivy league street cred and makes a name for himself (not easy to do on the hallowed Harvard grounds).The stunt also brings Mark to the attention of Cameron and Tyler: two extremely rich and handsome brothers who are star members of the Harvard row team.He had this detached quality to him, like he was at the party but he wasn’t. ” “I’m his brother.” This answer was quite puzzling.Whatever his story was, I knew it had to be a lot more interesting than the last ten people I talked to (French Guy: “I’m directing this commercial in Germany.” Me: “Oh yeah? ” French Guy: “I cannot talk about it.”) So I made my way over and casually introduced myself. I had known this producer for over a year and we’d had thousands of conversations but he had never mentioned a brother.

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After some small talk I asked him, “So who do you know here? I continued to pry and the brother told me the story I’m telling you now: He and the producer co-founded the software company together. They didn’t make a cent but they were doing what they loved and they were doing it together. That success led to more success and within a matter of months they were making millions of dollars.