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What is live updating ipod

It’s packed with Apple’s latest tweaks and enhancements, but also introduces a host of new features, including the long-awaited Dark Mode.

There’s a lot to look forward to, but you need to update your device to i OS 13 before you’re able to play with all the latest toys.

Devoting a little time to organizing and arranging the songs on your i Pod helps you take advantage of its full capabilities.

Use Apple's i Tunes software, which is available for both Mac and PC, to organize the songs on your i Pod. The i Pod will create separate categories for different spellings and capitalization.

Change the order of songs within your playlist by dragging a song and dropping it in the location you desire.

Here’s how to do it: , and tapping on your device on the list.You can also keep automatic downloads enabled but make sure that your device never uses your mobile data for automatic downloads to save data.The public beta of Apple’s latest mobile software, i OS 13, has finally been released.Backing up your data ensures that it will be easy to restore your device and uninstall the i OS beta if something does go wrong.You can update your i Phone or i Pod Touch using Apple’s i Cloud, or by connecting your device to a Mac or PC via i Tunes.

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Mac OS 10.15 Catalina has done away with Apple’s iconic i Tunes, replacing it with separate apps for Books, Podcasts, and Music.

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