What to expect when dating a hispanic man

Posted by / 25-Jan-2021 18:50

What to expect when dating a hispanic man

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American women think that men cheat for the same reasons women cheat: because we felt a "connection" to someone else, or because we fell in love with someone else.

Latin women adopt more of a "men are horny and that's what they do" stance.

Latinas, for better or for worse, can more easily reconcile the differences between sex and love as they occur in a man's brain: which is that you can have sex with a woman without having an emotional connection, or without feeling anything for them at all, really.

In the West, a man's desire to exert his masculinity has been largely subdued by a hypersensitive cultural narrative and media machine that condemns traditionally male behaviour.

Look no further than modern television sitcoms, where the women are strong and aggressive and the men are docile buffoons.

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You don't have to be in Latin America long to realize that there's a cheating bonanza going on. You see, that movement known as "Feminism" didn't quite catch on here as well as it did in North America and Western Europe, so there's never been much doubt cast on the historical roles of men and women.