When did kajol and ajay devgan start dating vbulletin dating mod

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When did kajol and ajay devgan start dating

When she started behaving badly, we couldn’t throw her out, could we? Ask her, if I’ve ever called her up or talked to her on my own.She’s just trying to get publicity by linking her name with mine.” Ajay and Karisma Karisma is a beautiful woman and a great actress with the much coveted Kapoor’s surname.He has had link-up stories with Karishma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon before finally meeting the love of his life, Kajol.Ajay and Raveena It was more like a topic of controversy instead of an affair.Born in Delhi on 2nd April 1969 to Veena and Veeru Devgan, Ajay Devgan was exposed to films at a very young age and post his graduation, he began directing video films. Spouse: Kajol (24 February 1999 – present)Being the son of a master action director, it was only obvious that Ajay would excel in action, but he surprised the industry and audiences alike with his superb comic performance in Inder Kumar‘s , exhibiting a range that was truly rare.

When she meets someone for the first time, she does an instant survey of them and it is either ‘in or out’. Her bindaas approach and sense of humour is a refreshing change to watch.

Ajay Devgn is a brilliant actor and a reputed family man, which is why he has almost never been the topic of controversies.

In contrast to his simple life, he has cherished an elegant career.

He continued, “Tell that girl that she should go ahead and publish those letters, even I want to read the figment of her imagination!

Our families have known each other for years; she used to come over to our place because she’s a friend of my sister Neelam.

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