When updating to ios 5

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When updating to ios 5

If i OS 12 is there in Software Update but your i Phone or i Pad just won't download it, or it seems to be hanging, we advise force quitting the Setting App and trying to start the process again.To do so, double press the Home Button so that the app switcher appears and swipe up on the Settings app.In that case, if you are having issues with the download time, it may be that your Wi Fi network isn't performing.

To run i OS 12 you'll need one of the following: If you have an i Phone 5C, and i Phone 5 or anything older than that you will be out of luck! Find out more here: Can my i Pad or i Phone run i OS 12?

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Updating i OS is generally easy, but there are a few small things that can go wrong.

We had a complete nightmare installing i OS 7 in 2013 - it took us all night.

We had hoped things might go a bit smoother in 2014 with the launch of i OS 8. Again, many faced installation dramas because Apple's servers seemed unable to cope with the sheer number of people trying to access them to get the download.

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