Who is adam senn dating now

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Who is adam senn dating now

And who would turn down the opportunity to have regular sex with Zero even if it was on the down low?And are they really going to fuck in a cloak room while the party goes on right outside? And Sloane gets kidnapped by a guy who was forcing her to write a suicide note so he could kill her, but she's NOT going to go to the police after escaping?Hit the Floor was later picked up by BET for a fourth season to air in 2018, with only Antonello returning.Fans and the press sometimes refer to the duo with the portmanteau "Zude".

Antonello explained, "Jude basically puts his foot down and fights for he wants, telling Zero, 'I can't be with you unless you come out as the gay man I fell in love with, not this star basketball player with a religious facade.'"With Jude and Zero ...

Jude is also the estranged son of the Devils' unscrupulous owner, Oscar Kinkade (Don Stark).

Jude and Zero's working relationship soon evolves into a sexual and then romantic one, which continues for two seasons until the series was cancelled by VH1 in 2016.

I've had people killed, including on this show and that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.'" Of the chemistry between Jude and Zero, Senn credited his real-life friendship with Antonello, saying "Brent and I right away both got along as friends.

When we found out about the storyline, we made a pact that we would approach these characters 110% and do them justice and tell this story that deserves to be told." He also said, "As with any role, no matter the sex, you have to find a relationship with the two characters.

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His thing was about letting people in and being himself and taking off the mask.

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