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Who is alex karev dating

It will certainly be interesting how both will leave.

April’s will be the most interesting, as Jackson will remain at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Drew has played the character for nine years now, eight of those as a series regular.

Therefore when news hit the media that a recasting will see her being replaced by Amanda Fuller, fans couldn’t help but voice their anger and frustration.

She also dabbled in the feature film side of the business for the first time in her career, appearing in 2013 short film The Pinhole Effect and 2015’s Barely Lethal.

Having made little to average impact in Hollywood, Krosney’s earnings are sure to dwarf when compared to those of bigger stars.

Sarah Drew took to Twitter to say that she wasn’t ready to say her thank yous or goodbyes just yet.

She’s had the information about her character’s fate for 48 hours, so was possibly planning on renewing her contract if given the option.

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If April isn’t going to be killed off, what does it mean for little Harriet?