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Who is brian grazer dating

There seemed to be proof that bad guys also face consequences.

That’s a world I can live in.”Meanwhile, Ratner began working to improve his reputation.

Dressed in sweatpants and seated on the couch with her two dogs, Chance and Frankie, she was at turns grateful, upset and angry as she reflected on the last few weeks.

Munn’s public battle with Ratner began in 2010, when she published a book, “Suck It, Wonder Woman!

There’s an understanding that there will be backlash in the marketplace and to their bottom line if they don’t make these big announcements.

They aren’t woke; they’re scared.” Over the course of six hours at her home earlier this month, Munn described the shadow Ratner has cast over her career since he allegedly pleasured himself in front of her in 2004.

After enduring what she described as sexual harassment by Brett Ratner, Olivia Munn felt she had finally shared her story, on the record and in the proper context.

I was always tough and strong, and I would tell anybody who would listen.

On at least one occasion since then, she said, Ratner has made sexually aggressive comments to her in public.

The piece also included accusations of a range of sexual misconduct; actress Natasha Henstridge said Ratner forced her to perform oral sex on him, which Ratner denies. Hours after The Times published the six sexual misconduct allegations, a person with knowledge of the matter said Warner Bros.

The two would go on to work together, teaming for 2011’s “Tower Heist”; when Ratner vacated his Oscar producing duties, Grazer replaced him.

Munn was invited to Imagine’s offices in 2015 to discuss a role on the television series “Empire,” on which Grazer serves as executive producer. ” she says Grazer responded.“The sadness that comes up in a moment like that is indescribable,” she said. This was a very public story that resulted in him having to take over the Academy Awards telecast for Brett Ratner.

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