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Who is daniela ruah dating

They were first introduced to each other by David’s brother Eric Christian Olsen.Eric is the co-star of Daniela in the movie NCIS: Los Angeles who plays the opposite role. Daniela Ruah and David are blessed with two children till now.

Ruah had a tragic miscarriage last year and was very devastated by the incident.

She captioned the photo, “The episode many of you have been waiting for…” Daniela included the hashtags #wedding and #densi, which were obvious clues that Kensi and Deeks were getting married during that episode.

Daniela and her co-star, Eric Christian Olsen (he plays Deeks) are related in real life. She is married to Eric’s brother, David Paul Olsen. Eric helped set the couple up, which was convenient since David is Eric’s stunt double on [Daniela] was dating this guy that was awful, and [David] was dating this girl that was awful, and they weren’t themselves.

Olsen is living a happy married life with his wife Daniela Ruah.

She is a Portuguese-American actress best known for portraying the role of NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye in the CBS police procedural series for the Portuguese network TV and is the winner of Dan Comigo- season 1 in 2006. Daniela Ruah is married to David Paul Olsen on June 17, 2014.

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That was enough to kinda get them started in conversation and it became this wonderful relationship., Daniela spoke about what it’s like to kiss her brother-in-law.

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