Who is dating tom chaplin

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Who is dating tom chaplin

Since Keane went on hiatus following the release of their .

The latter includes covers of The Pretenders’ ‘2000 Miles’, East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ and Howard Blake’s ‘Walking In The Air’, originally popularized by Aled Jones.

The 6 concerts will take place in Bournemouth, Cardiff, London, Oxford, Harrogate and Manchester.

The 2-hour Friday Night Is Music Night special aired on BBC Radio 2 last week and is still available to listen to.

Now I wake up and I’m happy about what lies ahead that day.

“And that’s why I am so proud of this album because it shows I’ve been honest with myself about my vulnerabilities.

“But coming close to losing my wife, my daughter and my career I’ve looked at stuff and resolved issues that I hadn’t for years.

“Now I don’t wake up and want to go on one of the binges that were ruling my life.

“I think of the album as the before, during and after,” he says thoughtfully.And after spending a month in London’s Priory in 2006, fighting a booze and drug addiction, he came out and started writing again. They were unfinished but I was learning how to flex that creative muscle again. It crushed me a bit and I am sure thinking I wasn’t good enough contributed in a small part to the way things then spiralled out of control.“Then we were back out on the road with Keane and gradually as the months and years went by I stopped doing it.” But when Keane went on hiatus in 2013, Chaplin spoke publicly of his intentions to make a solo record and went home to his studio to begin work. “But, really it was unresolved problems from when I was young.It was a wonderful chapter in my life and one which I look back on so fondly. SAT in Tom Chaplin’s garden, the singer is describing the difficult and emotional journey that led to his stunning first solo album, The Wave.

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Tall and trim, but with a few more grey hairs since I last saw him, Chaplin — apart from an occasional puff on his vape — no longer has any vices.

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