Who is guy laliberte dating

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Who is guy laliberte dating

“Guy would let them in if they promised to behave and have a good time. It was a brilliant strategy on Guy’s part to make sure the place didn’t get busted, since there was so much sex and drugs.He needed to do something to ensure a SWAT team didn’t descend on his home in the middle of the party.Although he casually knew several leading members of the biker gang, he didn’t go out of his way to invite them to his parties.“Guy wanted to make sure that his parties exuded class and went off without any trouble,” one of Laliberté’s close friends says.The fun would usually last several days before Laliberté would instruct his staff to turn on the grounds’ sprinkler system, which was the signal that the party was officially over.

Gorgeous women from all over the world were often present, in addition to many of the world’s leading entertainment, arts, and business moguls.“The guests who stayed on were treated like kings,” the friend says.“They were treated to luxury: the best food, the best drink, and a relaxing time in the sun.Guy pays attention to detail in everything he does.And he spares no expense.” Laliberté’s mountainside home in Saint-Bruno was an architectural gem.

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Its security system was one of the most sophisticated in the world.