Who is kelly monaco dating now

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Who is kelly monaco dating now

Alas, they’d end up breaking off their engagement in the late ’90s, and never ended up saying their ‘I dos.’ 5 Speaking of Tyler, Emily Quartermaine and Nikolas Cassadine had quite the love story on GH and it seems as if life ended up imitating art.

Several years of working together and the two confirmed their relationship in 2013.

4 While Brenda and Nikolas didn’t have much of a love affair in Port Charles, the actress and actor who played them would have quite the romance in real life.

Christopher and Marcil began dating after she divorced child star Corey Feldman in the 1990s, and the two were even engaged at one point.

Laura plays the ever-popular Carly Corinthos while Wes recently landed the role of the mysterious Peter August.

If you take a peek at Laura’s Instagram account it is clear she is quite smitten with Wes, and the two make a very cute couple. Back then, James portrayed Max Holden while Kassie played Blair Cramer.

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Unfortunately, Morgan has been too busy going back and forth between Kiki Jerome and her mother Ava and Britt has been far too occupied with Nikolas Cassidine.

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