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But modeling is not that kind of a thing she wants to do!

” Nowadays Larry’s daughter is 10 years old, and he tries his best to form the right opinion about her mother in Dannielynn’s eyes.

In his 44 he is as sex-appeal as he was in the remote 2000s, when he met ex-Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. He insists, the main source of his wealth is his work of a fashion photographer and the earnings he gets from flipping houses.

Some issues wrote, that the main source of Larry’s wealth was the inherited money he got after Anna Nicole Smith death (Larry is the father of Anna’s daughter Dannielynn and in 2007 he won the custody over the child). Birkhead denies all the rumors about “Anna Nicole Smith money”.

“I'm going on amusement park roller coasters doing 200-foot drops holding on to her and she says, ‘I told you the last time, do not hold on to me!

’ Sometimes you just have to say, ‘I gotta let you go and become your own person.’ You can only do so much.

In any case, Larry Birkhead is a multi-millionaire, but he lives a very simple lifestyle.

He brings up his daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead in a cozy, but not too lavish house.

““She's a good kid and we laugh and have the best times and she wears me out,” Birkhead adds.“She's clingy to her girlfriends’ moms and she’ll say things like, ‘Do you want to adopt me? ’ She tends to do that a lot.” Regardless of whether the pair eventually welcomes new family members into their lives, Birkhead is happy putting all of his energy into being her dad and is proud of the young woman she is turning into.“The other day, she had a friend whose fish died and she said, ‘Don't worry about your fish, it's up there with my mom.My mom's taking care of your fish and it’s gonna be OK.’ It was something that she came up with.He opened up about his relationships with a model at Wendy Williams show and a number of other talk shows he was invited to.Larry met Anna Nicole at the set of “The Anna Nicole Show”. After that Larry started the court battle for Dannielynn. Now Larry Birkhead lives his rich but calm life out of the limelight.

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That’s why his daughter encourages him to start dating – she needs a mother in her house and in her life!

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