Who is lloyd dating

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Who is lloyd dating

In Season 9, Lloyd formed a resistance against him.

In "Radio Free Ninjago," the two nearly came face to face again but Skylor hid his presence.

Up next, he is reportedly planning to release a video for “Excited,” yet another Tru single.

Lloyd's father loved him very much since the day he was born.

When Lloyd saw his father resurrected as his villainous self, he was horrified but believed that his father was still in there deep down despite others telling him that he was gone.

Lloyd left his friends and confronted his father, they fought and Garmadon showed no mercy to him, even stating he had no son.

Lloyd was surprised but persuaded his father to tell Wu and Misako about his past after he admitted his fear of losing them after he got both of them back in his life.

Lloyd nearly lost his composure when making a broadcast but soon regained strength and personally challenged his father.

He still refuses to let him out at first but still acknowledges Garmadon as his father. In "Into the Breach," Lloyd is frustrated by how he has to "babysit" his own father but puts up with him and cordially introduced him to the Ninja's sleeping room.

He looked sad when seeing the picture between him and his father and despite being furious when his father destroyed it, he still couldn't throw the picture away and returned it to its place gently and stared at it once again sadly.

During Season 8: Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd learned that that a criminal organization intended to resurrect his father but as his villainous self.

This caused him to feel conflicted over seeing his father again but dealing with a threat to everyone.

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In "Curseworld, Part II," Lloyd was reunited with his father while traversing the Cursed Realm and attempted to free him but to no avail.

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