Who is nicole dating snooki

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Who is nicole dating snooki

The two filmed their reality show together there and we got an inside look at how amazing Jionni’s family is and how supportive they are.

Jionni’s parents weren’t always so supportive though, especially when he first started dating Snooki.

Jionni Joseph La Valle (born March 20, 1987) He is first known to Jersey Shore by Snooki, who hookups with him in Season Three as it is left as a One Night Stand and then but in Season Four is now to be Snooki's new boyfriend, then her fiancé.

Jionni is first seen in Season Three when Vinny meets a girl who has a protective uncle and brother and who is Jionni Sister.

On the way back home, he ask Nicole if she even knows his name and Nicole says yes but she is lying and calls him Bernard when he ask her again when in the smush room and but they get interrupted when Vinny realizes that Nicole’s guy is the same guy that took away his girl he was with when he came to the house with his uncle.

Nicole tells him that he isn’t and that he needs to relax.

At the club, Mike is constantly showing the guys that he is ready to fight and Vinny and Pauly laugh at him.

Mike is constantly telling that he is not going to put his guard down and Jenni and Denna tell him to forget it and let it go.

Nicole tells them to get out because she is going to “smoosh”.

(The Great Depression) After Jionni is seen leaving the house and Nicole “Snooki” tells Jenni “Jwoww” that she had sex. Roger tells that Jionni is the cousin of Jeff and Jeff is Nick’s friend. Vinny tries to unclog the toilet with a plunger but has no luck at all.

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